395-42, Cheong Cheon2-dong,
Bupyung-ku, Incheon, KOREA
TEL : 82-032-526-1789(Rep)
FAX : 82-032-526-2341


395-42, Cheong Cheon2-dong,
Bupyung-ku, Incheon, KOREA


Feb.1978 Established Dongwa Moolsan Co.,Ltd.
Oct.1980 Opened the Factory# in Kyongkido, Korea and started manufacturing fishing tackles.
Sept.1982 Participated in SPOGA fair in koln, Germany.
May.1984 Participated in Tokyo Sporting Goods show in Japan.
Aug.1988 Appointed as a Promising Manufacturer/Exporter by Hanil Bank Seoul, Korea.
Sept.1988 Opened the Factory# in Inchon, Korea.
Nov.1989 Registered brand in Korea Patent Office.
Sept.1992 The Carbon Rod made by Dongwa Moolsan was awarded
the first prize in World Freshwater Angling Championship.
Nov.1992 Got the Industrial Service Medal & Ten Million US Dollar Excess Export Prize from Korean Government.
Apr.1993 Joined AFTMA membership.
Feb.1997 Established T.W. Ind. Co., Ltd as our sister company and Manufacturing specialized fishing accessories under OEM method.


Got the Export prize from  the Minster of Korean Commerce Industry Ministry.


Started sales of Fishing Rods & Equipments in domestic market.


Started sales of Fishing Rods in Chinese market

Jan.2005 Changed Company name to Dongwa Co.,Ltd.
Nov.2007 Established our branch office in Tokyo, Japan.
June 2013 Hold 1st HERA CARP fishing championship in Tokyo, Japan, in 2014 continuously.
July.2017 Opened a/s center & display room in Incheon


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